Transboundary Flood Risk Management in the UNECE Region

image of Transboundary Flood Risk Management in the UNECE Region
Floods are natural phenomena that are necessary for the survival and health of the eco-system. Floodplains have historically attracted socio-economic development and continue to support high densities of human population. This is particularly important where land resources suitable for human development are scarce. Especially in arid and semi-arid areas, flood waters represent a vital water resource. Floods can, however, also lead to wide-spread damage, health problems and the loss of human life. Transboundary flood risk management enables sharing and redistributing risks and resources. This publication is based on the practical experience from 10 river basins in the UNECE region, and gives analysis of situations, problems, challenges, and possible solutions.

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Institutional and legal arrangements for cooperation

Being an interdisciplinary challenge, flood management calls for interaction between various disciplines, government and various sectors of society. There is a need to overcome sectoral approaches so that the synergies between the actions of various stakeholders can be maximized and effectiveness can be increased. Institutional and legal arrangements are necessary elements of successful integrated flood risk management. In the case of transboundary basins, this includes the need to cooperate at the transboundary level.

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