Basic Facts about the United Nations 2004

image of Basic Facts about the United Nations 2004

The Basic Facts about the United Nations reflects the multitude of ways in which the United Nations touches the lives of people everywhere. It chronicles the work of the Organization in such areas as peace, development, human rights, humanitarian assistance, disarmament and international law. In describing the work of the United Nations family of organizations, this book provides a comprehensive account of the many challenges before the international community, as well as the joint ongoing efforts to find solutions.




The United Nations is the only truly universal body in which the States of the world, and the peoples they represent, can come together to meet the challenges of our time. The principles and purposes of the United Nations Charter are furthered every day, all around the globe, by the United Nations family of organizations and the men and women who serve them. It is the purpose of Basic Facts About the United Nations to promote understanding: of this work and its impact on people’s lives.


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