Building a Better Future for All

Selected Speeches of United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon 2007-2012

image of Building a Better Future for All
The United Nations works across the world for peace, sustainable development, human rights and the rule of law. This collection of speeches by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon shows the breadth of those efforts – advances and struggles alike – at a time of profound transition for the human family. Since taking office in 2007, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has sought to mobilize the international community behind global solutions to urgent challenges ranging from climate change and poverty to armed conflict and the spread of deadly weapons. The goal: dignity, freedom and opportunity for all.



Remarks to fourth High-level Forum on Aid Effectiveness

It is a great honour to meet you today. Good morning. Annyong hashimnikka. President Lee Myung-bak of the Republic of Korea, our thanks on behalf of the United Nations for hosting this important meeting. I would like to thank the citizens of Busan, this vibrant and dynamic city, for their warm hospitality. I also want to thank the Honorable Secretary-General of the OECD, Mr. Angel Gurría, for his leadership.


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