Evaluation of Disability Inclusive Development at UNDP

image of Evaluation of Disability Inclusive Development at UNDP

This evaluation of UNDP’s contribution to disability inclusive development is part of the work programme for the Independent Evaluation Office approved by the Executive Board in 2014/2015 (DP 2014/5). It provides an assessment of UNDP contribution to disability inclusive development during the period 2008-2016, corresponding to the current and past UNDP strategic plans, and to the period within which the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) has been in force.



Strategic relevance of disability-inclusive development for UNDP

The evaluation sought to answer some overriding strategic questions, including whether and how UNDP’s objective to help the poorest of the poor and most marginalized members of society extends to persons with disabilities. While subsequent sections delve into specific programming activities, this chapter takes a broader focus by (1) assessing UNDP’s programmatic policies relating to the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the UNDP Strategic Plan and policy guidance; and (2) addressing UNDP’s involvement in fostering partnerships within the UN system and with key stakeholders in the disability-inclusive development arena.


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