Evaluation of Disability Inclusive Development at UNDP

image of Evaluation of Disability Inclusive Development at UNDP

This evaluation of UNDP’s contribution to disability inclusive development is part of the work programme for the Independent Evaluation Office approved by the Executive Board in 2014/2015 (DP 2014/5). It provides an assessment of UNDP contribution to disability inclusive development during the period 2008-2016, corresponding to the current and past UNDP strategic plans, and to the period within which the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) has been in force.



Disability-inclusive development in similar organizations

In this chapter, key lessons are provided from a diverse range of organizations — including multilateral organizations, bilateral donors and global corporations — to identify how the inclusion of persons with disabilities is understood and approached. International organizations considered by the evaluation team to be leaders in disability inclusiveness were purposefully selected. The effort was not intended as a comparative exercise, and the evaluation team does not offer evaluative judgements on the work of these other organizations. The purpose is to highlight options that UNDP may want to consider as it moves forward in its work on disability-inclusive development, based on the approaches taken by similar international organizations.


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