Furthering the Work of the United Nations

Highlights of the Tenure of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon 2007-2016

image of Furthering the Work of the United Nations
This volume explores United Nations efforts over the past decade to uphold the values and advance the objectives of the UN Charter. It offers a reflection on the challenges, explains the Organization's approaches, and catalogues both gains and setbacks, as well as suggests avenues for future action. This book highlights the fact that under Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's tenure there has been a dramatic rise in the expectations placed on the UN. Those demands emanate from the world’s people, governments, those caught up in conflict or oppression, and from Mother Earth, suffering so much from decades of misuse. Today’s UN is asked to work in more spheres of activity, more locations and more difficult circumstances. It has deployed more peace operations than ever and now serves the largest humanitarian caseload in history. With the adoption of bold new goals on sustainability and climate change, the UN also has the most ambitious development agenda since its founding.



Conflict prevention, mediation and peacebuilding

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon took the helm of the United Nations at a time when the number and variety of its engagements in the area of peace and security was growing precipitously. Strain was increasing on UN peace operations and international fatigue associated with the costs of armed conflict and violence around the world was mounting. Rising nuclear threats in Iran and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, deepening violence in the Middle East, escalating international terrorism, and the spiralling crisis in Iraq were just some of the serious challenges that awaited the new Secretary-General in his in-tray. Perhaps the most immediately pressing challenge on the world’s front pages was Darfur, a conflict where, as Mr. Ban noted: “Not only are innocent lives at stake, but also the authority of the Security Council, the image of the United Nations in the Arab world, and the credibility of the United Nations”.


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