Investment Policy Review

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

image of Investment Policy Review
The IPR of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia analyzes FDI trends and their impact on the host economy, provides a detailed evaluation of the legal and regulatory framework for investment, including concrete recommendations to improve it, and presents an overall strategy to attract investment that feeds into a government programme for stimulating investment covering the period 2011 to 2014.



Designing a new programme for stimulating investment

At the specific request of the Government, this chapter presents strategic inputs for a programme to stimulate investment that the Government of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia will implement during the period 2011–2014. Based on the findings of chapter II on the business climate, combined with a detailed process of consultations with relevant stakeholders, and building on the priorities of the Government, the programme proposes an overall strategic approach to stimulate investment, accompanied by a number of specific actions to be implemented either within the period 2011–2014 or beyond, depending on the priorities of the Government.


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