Manual for UN Delegates

Conference Process, Procedure and Negotiation

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This manual intends to help newcomers to conference diplomacy to overcome obstacles, familiarize themselves with conference processes and procedures, and become effective more quickly. It also aims to serve as a reference work for more experienced conference delegates. This book will deepen their understanding of both the rules and the dynamics of conferences, and help them take their skills to a higher level. Also, those who give instructions to conference delegates or are affected by conference outcomes can find support here to understand how conferences reach their outcomes. The manual is written from the perspective of practitioners and draws on the experience of conference diplomats from many nations, developed and developing. It also introduces the reader to widely used strategies and tactics, and gives tips as to practices which have proved effective over the years.

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About the Author: Ronald A Walker

Ron Walker is a former Australian diplomat. Since 1997 he has been teaching and writing on the subject of diplomacy and international relations with a particular focus on multilateral diplomacy. He has lectured to students of many nationalities in university postgraduate courses. Courses he has managed and taught include International Security Regimes at the Australian Defence Force Academy and Statecraft and Diplomacy and The Contemporary World at Monash University. He is a Visiting Fellow at the Asia Pacific College of Diplomacy at the Australian National University in Canberra. He has also undertaken extensive training courses in conference diplomacy in Australia and many other countries, for the College, for UNITAR and other United Nations agencies. As a senior international consultant to UNITAR, he has written and delivered on-line courses and was the principal author of UNITAR’s Glossary for UN delegates which has been translated into French and Spanish and is shortly to appear in a second, expanded English edition.

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