UN Chronicle

The UN Chronicle is a must-read for every concerned world citizen. Produced by the United Nations Department of Public Information, this quarterly journal is your connection to the major political and social issues happening around the world today. In each issue, you'll read about international developments on a wide-range of topics including: human rights, economic, social and political issues, peacekeeping operations, international conferences and upcoming events. Every issue contains in-depth reviews and articles written by leading world figures, which provide an insightful look into the world today. The UN Chronicle also includes a review of current United Nations Security Council and General Assembly sessions.

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Multilingualism and global citizenship

We live in an interconnected world. It is an unquestionable fact. We cannot afford to deny the intricate ties that connect each and every one of our respective worlds. It is clear that despite our established borders, cultures and languages do not and cannot exist entirely independently. The effects and repercussions of decisions made in one part of the world ripple throughout the rest of the planet and affect us all in one way or another. With this in mind, we are made conscious of the immense responsibility held not just by our leaders but also by us as individual citizens. We ought to come to the realization that whatever duties and obligations we have towards our societies they inevitably carry considerable meaning and influence beyond our immediate surroundings.

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