Yearbook of the United Nations 1985

image of Yearbook of the United Nations 1985

The principal reference work of the United Nations providing a comprehensive, one-volume account of the Organization’s work along with information on the work of each specialized agency in the United Nations’ family.



World Health Organization (WHO)

The thirty-eighth World Health Assembly met at Geneva from 6 to 20 May 1985 and endorsed a zerogrowth programme budget for the 1986-1987 biennium. With the addition of extrabudgetary funds, the World Health Organization (WHO) would have almost $1 billion to support health activities in its member States. The proportion to be allocated to country and regional activities was to rise to 70 per cent in 1986-1987, and the introduction of regional programme budget policies was endorsed, to ensure that the focus was kept on mainstream health activities to foster the attainment of health for all by the year 2000, as set out in the 1982 plan of action.


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