Yearbook of the United Nations 1992

image of Yearbook of the United Nations 1992

The principal reference work of the United Nations, providing a comprehensive, one-volume account of the Organization’s work along with information on the work of each specialized agency in the United Nations’ family.



Operational activities for development

A comprehensive policy review of United Nations operational activities for development took place in 1992 at a critical juncture for developing countries and international development cooperation. The operational activities of the United Nations system were undergoing important changes to adapt to the circumstances of the 1990s. The question of strengthening the operational activities of the United Nations system was discussed by the Economic and Social Council in July, while the triennial policy review of operational activities was carried out by the General Assembly later in the year. In December (resolution 47/199), the Assembly stressed the need for a substantial increase in resources for operational activities for development and made a number of recommendations for improvements in the system, including the strengthening of the resident coordinator function. As part of his efforts to restructure the Secretariat, the Secretary-General established the Department of Economic and Social Development (DESD), incorporating the former Department of Technical Cooperation for Development.


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