Yearbook of the United Nations 1994

image of Yearbook of the United Nations 1994

The Yearbook of the United Nations stands as the authoritative reference work on the activities and concerns of the Organization. Based on official UN documents, the Yearbook provides comprehensive coverage of political and security matters, human rights issues, economic and social questions, legal issues, and institutional, administrative and budgetary matters.



Population and human settlements

In 1994, the United Nations Conference on Population and Development, which took place in Cairo, Egypt, in September, adopted a Programme of Action that went beyond demographic issues to embrace such questions as poverty, development, environment, the status of women and public health. The world’s population stood at some 5.6 billion and, while the rate of growth was declining, there were 87 million more persons on earth per year. The broad-ranging Programme of Action reflected the growing awareness that population, poverty, patterns of production and consumption and the environment were closely interconnected and none of those issues could be considered in isolation.


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