Yearbook of the United Nations 2002

image of Yearbook of the United Nations 2002
The Yearbook of the United Nations provides an indispensable A-Z reference on the United Nations. This new and fully updated edition covers all the major activities undertaken in the United Nations system in 2002. A must-have title for library reference collections, the Yearbook of the United Nations is widely consulted by diplomats, government officials, scholars, journalists and others with a serious interest in international affairs.



United Nations financing and programming

The overall financial situation of the United Nations during 2002 continued to show positive improvements, as reflected by higher aggregate cash balances, lower unpaid assessments and reduced debt owed by the Organization to Member States. Unpaid assessments were at their lowest in seven years at $1,684 million, compared with $2,106 million in 2001. Likewise, amounts due to Member States for troops and contingent-owned equipment were reduced to $703 million from $748 million at the end of 2001.


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