Yearbook of the United Nations 2006

Delivering as 1 - A Unified Response to Global Challenges

image of Yearbook of the United Nations 2006

This is the sixtieth volume of the most comprehensive and authoritative reference work on the activities of the Organization, covering 2006. This fully indexed Yearbook, reproduces in their entirety the texts of, and votes on, all major General Assembly, Security Council and Economic and Social Council resolutions and decisions. Its 33 chapters deeply cover developments in the main political and security questions; human rights; economic and social questions; legal questions; and institutional, administrative and budgetary questions.



Development policy and international economic cooperation

The global economy started 2006 on a strong note, with a number of major developed economies rebounding from the notable slowdown in 2005 and many developing countries maintaining the momentum of broad and solid growth. A measurable moderation in global economic growth was expected for the second half of 2006, however, with the annual growth of world gross domestic product at about 3.6 per cent, the same pace as in 2005, and marginally higher than projected at the beginning of the year. A number of downside risks were expected to weigh on the economy, namely large global imbalances, persistently higher oil prices, the cooling off in the housing sector in a number of countries and rising interest rates worldwide.


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