Yearbook of the United Nations 2012

image of Yearbook of the United Nations 2012

With its comprehensive coverage of political and security matters, human rights issues, economic and social questions, legal issues, and institutional, administrative and budgetary matters, the Yearbook of the United Nations stands as the most authoritative reference work on the activities and concerns of the Organization. Fully indexed, the Yearbook includes the texts of all major General Assembly, Security Council and Economic and Social Council resolutions and decisions, putting all of these in a narrative context of United Nations consideration, decision and action.



International legal questions

In 2012, the International Law Commission continued to examine topics relating to the progressive development and codification of international law. It adopted a set of 32 draft articles on the expulsion of aliens, established a working group on the obligation to extradite or prosecute (aut dedere aut judicare), and included in its programme of work the topics of provisional application of treaties and formation and evidence of customary international law. The Commission reconstituted its study groups on the most-favoured-nation clause and on treaties over time, and renamed the latter topic “Subsequent agreements and subsequent practice in relation to the interpretation of treaties”, with the appointment of a Special Rapporteur.


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