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image of Due Diligence, Tenure and Agricultural Investment

Due Diligence, Tenure and Agricultural Investment

This guide examines the responsibilities of private sector lawyers in avoiding, addressing, preventing and mitigating adverse human rights impacts on tenure right holders when advising on agricultural investments. These responsibilities arise under...
image of From Fome Zero to Zero Hunger

From Fome Zero to Zero Hunger

This publication discusses the international Zero Hunger agenda in light of the achievements of the Fome Zero programme in Brazil. It revisits successful initiatives and discusses current actions, while also critically assessing new and growing...

Household Vulnerability to Food Security in the Face of Climate Change in Paraguay

Climate change may have devastating effects on agricultural productivity and food security, impacting significantly the poorest households. In this study, we analyse the effect climate change is expected to have on agricultural productivity, caloric...

The Gender Gap in Agricultural Productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa

Across sub-Saharan Africa, the agricultural sector remains critical to local and regional economies. It is the basis for food security and an important source of employment, particularly for women. Yet, studies consistently find that female farmers...

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