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image of The Water Convention

The Water Convention

The Convention is designed to be applied in very different settings and conditions. It is implemented in water-rich as well as water-scarce countries. As the level of ambition of the implementation required is proportionate to the capacity and means...
image of Agriculture and Climate Change

Agriculture and Climate Change

This publication presents the achievements of the International Alliance on Climate-Smart Agriculture project, which include capacity development, training, information-sharing and several country studies. The project notably contributed to...
image of Climate Change and Social Inequality

Climate Change and Social Inequality

This paper offers a unifying conceptual framework for understanding the relationship between climate change and “within-country inequalities,” referred here collectively as “social inequality.” Available evidence indicates that this relationship is...

Global Climate Change and Child Health

This paper reviews the published evidence of pathways and impacts of global climate change on child health. The review was occasioned by the recognition that most of the work to date on climate change and health lacks clear focus on the children’s...

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