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The Minnesota Protocol on the Investigation of Potentially Unlawful Death 2016

The Minnesota Protocol on the Investigation of Potentially Unlawful Death (2016) is an updated version of the original UN Manual on the Effective Prevention and Investigation of Extra-legal, Arbitrary and Summary Executions of 1991 (commonly known as...
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World Humanitarian Data and Trends 2017

This publication highlights major trends in the nature of humanitarian crises, their underlying causes and drivers, and the actors that participate in prevention, response and recovery. Beyond providing statistics, the report uses infographics to...
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Resource Book on the Use of Force and Firearms in Law Enforcement

This resource book explores international law sources relevant to the use of force and the general responsibility of law enforcement authorities for the use of force. It discusses a number of instruments of force, including firearms, and the...
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Children and the Data Cycle

In an era of increasing dependence on data science and big data, the voices of one set of major stakeholders – the world’s children and those who advocate on their behalf – have been largely absent. A recent paper estimates one in three global...
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Report of the Human Rights Committee: Volume I - 100th session; 101st session; 102nd session

Official records of the Report of the Human Rights Committee: One hundredth Session; One hundred and first Session; One hundred and second Session

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