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Statement of Treaties and International Agreements

This monthly publication contains the statement of treaties and international agreements registered in accordance with Article 102 of the United Nations Charter. For each treaty or international agreement listed, the following information is given:...
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Yearbook of the International Law Commission 2011, Vol. II, Part 2

The Yearbook contains the official records of the International Law Commission and is an indispensable tool for the preservation of the legislative history of the documents emanating from the Commission, as well as for the teaching, study,...
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UN Chronicle Vol. LIV No.4 2017

A must-read for every concerned world citizen, the United Nations Chronicle is a quarterly, easy-to-read report on the work of the United Nations and its agencies. Produced by the United Nations Department of Public Information, every issue covers a...
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Law of the Sea Bulletin, No. 89

Issued three times a year, the Bulletin provides cogent and timely information on issues related to the Convention on the Law of the Sea - 'the constitution for the ocean' and contains the most recent legal materials relevant to the law of the sea....
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Treaty Series Cumulative Index No. 46

This is the forty-sixth volume of the United Nations Treaty Series Cumulative Index. This volume covers the treaties and international agreements contained in volumes 2451 to 2500 of the United Nations Treaty Series (UNTS). It consists of two main...

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