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International Migration Report 2017

This report presents information on levels and trends in international migration for regions, sub-regions and countries of the world, and on the ratification status of migration-related international instruments. It also contains a summary of the...
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International Migration Report 2017 - Highlights

This report presents the highlights of the International Migration which contains the latest quinquennial estimates of international migrant stock for 232 countries or areas of the world. The annex in these Highlights provides recently collected data...
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Towards Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration in the Asia-Pacific Region

International migration is a structural feature of an interconnected Asia-Pacific. The number of migrants to and from the region continues to grow, reflecting factors such as changing demographics, economic transformations, and increased...
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World Migration Report 2018

This report is the ninth in the world migration report series which is designed as a substantive contribution to increasing the understanding of current and strategic migration issues throughout the world. It presents key data and information on...

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