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image of The Water Convention

The Water Convention

The Convention is designed to be applied in very different settings and conditions. It is implemented in water-rich as well as water-scarce countries. As the level of ambition of the implementation required is proportionate to the capacity and means...
image of Overcoming Barriers to Investing in Energy Efficiency

Overcoming Barriers to Investing in Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is widely viewed as one of the most effective ways to achieve multiple economic, social and environmental benefits and is at a core of making significant progress towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Climate...
image of Energy Statistics Pocketbook 2019

Energy Statistics Pocketbook 2019

The Energy Statistics Pocketbook highlights the availability of data on various aspects of energy production, transformation and use and its linkages to other key statistics. It uses visual representations of key energy indicators to facilitate the...
image of Environmental Performance Review: Albania

Environmental Performance Review: Albania

This programme assesses progress made by individual countries, in this case Albania, in reconciling their economic and social development with environmental protection, as well as in meeting international commitments on environment and sustainable...
image of ESCWA Water Development Report 5

ESCWA Water Development Report 5

The Arab Ministerial Water Council (AMWC) took the initiative to establish a regional monitoring mechanism for water and sanitation services that builds upon indicators globally monitored under the UNICEF-WHO Joint Monitoring Program (JMP), and...

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