Dialogues at the Economic and Social Council

Achieving Gender Equality, Women's Empowerment and Strengthening Development Cooperation

image of Dialogues at the Economic and Social Council
This publication presents key debates that took place during the 2010 High-level Segment of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), during which was organized the second biennial Development Cooperation Forum. The discussions also focused on the theme of the 2010 Annual Ministerial Review, Implementing the internationally agreed goals and commitments in regard to gender equality and the impowerment of women. It contains keynote speeches, issue papers, roundtable summaries, National Voluntary Presentations, transcriptions of other dialogues and discussions, including a video of the United Nations television debate “Face-to-Face”.



Women in conflict and post-conflict situations

Women in countries in special situations are often portrayed only as victims. In large part, they are as women, more often than men, subject to sexual assault and rape, suffer most from decay of social sectors, and resort to prostitution to support their families. Women are abducted into the army itself, or as army “wives”. Moreover, women are the most affected by HIV/AIDS in conflict areas, suffer the loss of incomes, as men fight and frequently become widows e.g. in countries like Angola, Kosovo and Mozambique and widows accounted for as much as half of adult female population when conflict ended.


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