Dialogues at the Economic and Social Council

Achieving Gender Equality, Women's Empowerment and Strengthening Development Cooperation

image of Dialogues at the Economic and Social Council
This publication presents key debates that took place during the 2010 High-level Segment of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), during which was organized the second biennial Development Cooperation Forum. The discussions also focused on the theme of the 2010 Annual Ministerial Review, Implementing the internationally agreed goals and commitments in regard to gender equality and the impowerment of women. It contains keynote speeches, issue papers, roundtable summaries, National Voluntary Presentations, transcriptions of other dialogues and discussions, including a video of the United Nations television debate “Face-to-Face”.



The ECOSOC Development Cooperation Forum: Phase II (2009-2010)

The biennial high-level Development Cooperation Forum (DCF) is one of the principal new functions of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). It was created by the UN 2005 World Summit, which mandated ECOSOC to convene a biennial high-level Development Cooperation Forum that will review trends in international development cooperation, including strategies, policies and financing, and promote greater coherence among the development activities of different development partners.


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