Emerging Solutions for Gender Equality 2018

image of Emerging Solutions for Gender Equality 2018

The HeForShe Champions initiative confronts the gender inequalities faced in three key pillars of society: government, work and academia. Each Champion has made specific, stretching and measurable commitments towards achieving gender equality. This Report updates their progress over the past year, with hard data on gender representation and highlights of key achievements. This publication is packed with ideas turned into reality. It is a testament to the vision and hard work of everyone involved in the initiative.



A note from the Secretary-General

Over the past year, we have seen women’s movements exert their influence as powerful agents of change. We are also increasingly seeing that investing in women is the most effective way to sustain peace and lift communities, companies and countries. It is clear that women’s participation makes peace agreements stronger, societies more resilient and economies more vigorous. We must therefore ensure that women and girls are centrally involved in all our efforts to realize the Sustainable Development Goals.


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