Empowering Women Through Public Procurement

image of Empowering Women Through Public Procurement
Women-owned businesses represent one third of the small and medium-sized enterprises of developing countries, but only a fraction of government procurement opportunities for goods and services. This guide helps governments understand what measures to put in place so that more women-owned businesses have access to this important market, which often accounts for 15-20% of GDP. It includes practical national case examples, checklists and overviews for busy decision-makers as well as guidelines for implementation.

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Laying the groundwork to support women-owned businesses

To leverage public procurement in support of women-owned businesses, the first step is to define (1) what it means to be a women-owned business, (2) what it means to be a micro, small, medium or large enterprise, and (3) what the eligibility criteria are for each target group.

English French, Spanish

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