Empowering Women Through Public Procurement

image of Empowering Women Through Public Procurement
Women-owned businesses represent one third of the small and medium-sized enterprises of developing countries, but only a fraction of government procurement opportunities for goods and services. This guide helps governments understand what measures to put in place so that more women-owned businesses have access to this important market, which often accounts for 15-20% of GDP. It includes practical national case examples, checklists and overviews for busy decision-makers as well as guidelines for implementation.

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Public procurement, a tool to shape societies

While the main goal of public procurement is to buy goods and services that governments need, public procurement can also be used to promote socioeconomic objectives. These are often referred to as ‘horizontal’ or ‘collateral’ objectives because they are ancillary to the primary purpose of public procurement, which is to acquire goods and services for the government (Quinot, 2013).

English Spanish, French

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