From promoting gender equality to empowering women

Role of e-government in Asia and the Pacific

image of From promoting gender equality to empowering women
The UNPOG research analyzed the degree to which the e-government development in Asia and the Pacific contribute to promote gender equality, provide a toolkit to assess national e-Government readiness for gender equality and women’s empowerment, and generate an e-government readiness index for gender equality which provides a foundation for further data collection and research to include more gender-sensitive approach in e-Government development and assessment. Its significance lies in being one of the first comparative, analytical attempts to discuss the gender equality and women’s empowerment in relation to current e-Government development. This Report is targeted for decision makers, government officials, representatives from the civil society and the private sector, as well as academia and international organizations around the world who are interested in gender equality and women’s empowerment in relation to current e-Government development. It also serves as a tool to assess and guide policies and strategies, suggesting steps to formulate a national action plan to carry out e-Government initiatives for greater gender inclusion.




In the knowledge society, e-Government presents an opportunity to improve public service delivery as well as to broaden the range of opportunities for citizens to participate in the public decision-making process. However, this opportunity also presents the challenge of inclusiveness that is already prevalent in ICT access and use. The lack of representation from marginalized groups, particularly women who still suffer from gendered aspects of the digital divide in many countries, can further marginalize these groups from government service provision and participation. It is crucial to develop e-Government strategies targeted specifically towards empowerment of women if the digital divide is to be closed.


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