The Power of Procurement

How to Source from Women-Owned Businesses: Corporate Guide to Gender-Responsive Procurement

image of The Power of Procurement

This manual provides corporations and their suppliers with a deeper understanding of the barriers and challenges preventing women-owned businesses from accessing and fully participating in local and global values chains. It provides the tools and techniques for reducing or eliminating these barriers and for leveraging the vast untapped economic potential represented by women-owned businesses. For many women, entrepreneurship offers a path to economic empowerment and it is incumbent upon corporations to help create conditions that permit this.




Gender-responsive procurement is quickly becoming a business imperative. Today, women own over a third of all businesses worldwide, generating millions of employment opportunities and spurring local development. They also control about $20 trillion in annual consumer spending, and by 2028, they are likely to control nearly 75 per cent of consumer discretionary spending globally. Yet, despite these stunning statistics, the economic potential of womenowned businesses remains largely untapped. Indeed, they receive only about one per cent of corporate procurement spend each year.


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