The World's Women 2010

Trends and Statistics

image of The World's Women 2010
The World's Women 2010 uniquely reviews and analyses the current availability of data and assesses progress made in the reporting of national statistics, as opposed to internationally prepared estimates, relevant to gender concerns. Published every five years, the World's Women sets out a blueprint for improving the availability of data in the areas of demographics, health, education, work, violence against women, poverty, decision-making and human rights.

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Population and families

Changes and trends in population growth and distribution directly affect living conditions across the globe. The first part of this chapter elaborates on general population dynamics and patterns in the various world regions and the proportion of women and men in different age groups. It also looks at fertility and ageing as well as at international migration. The second part of the chapter shifts the focus to families, first considering marriages and unions and then the sharing of family responsibilities.

English Spanish, Arabic, French

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