What's New

Information economy report 2015

Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is rapidly transforming the way in which enterprises are interacting among each other as well as with consumers and governments...


IOM outlook on migration, environment
and climate change

Aims to bring together in one easy-to-access reference document the knowledge accrued by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and to present IOM’s role, understanding and approach to environmental migration.


Basic Facts about the United Nations 2014

Designed for the general public the report explains the structure of the United Nations, how the Organization works, the main issues it addresses and its importance for people everywhere.


Women's rights are human rights

Provides an introduction to women’s human rights, beginning with the main provisions in international human rights law and going on to explain particularly relevant concepts for fully understanding women’s human rights.


World economic situation and prospects 2015

The definitive report of the United Nations on the state of the world economy. It is jointly produced by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and the five United Nations Regional Commissions.


From exclusion to equality:
Realizing the rights of persons with disabilities

Aims to assist parliamentarians and others in efforts to realize the Convention so that persons with disabilities can achieve the transition from exclusion to equality.