Promoting Restorative Justice for Children

image of Promoting Restorative Justice for Children

This report examines the potential of restorative justice programmes to facilitate conflict resolution and provide appropriate protection to children. This applies to the justice system, whether children are victims, offenders or witnesses, but it also applies in a range of other contexts, including at school, in residential care units, in social welfare settings and in the community.

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Overcoming challenges in developing and implementing restorative justice for children

In recent years, marked by economic crisis and rapidly changing social landscapes, many countries have seen an increase in crime. This has often been accompanied by a perception that juvenile delinquency is on the rise, and has seen children labeled as criminals, irrespective of whether they have, in fact, been engaged in criminal activity. Socially excluded children—frequently perceived as a threat to community security and easily stigmatized— are particularly affected by these developments.

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