Case concerning Gabcíkovo-Nagymaros project (Hungary/Slovakia) judgment of 25 September 1997

In its Judgment in the case concerning Gabcikovo-Nagymaros Project (Hungary/Slovakia), the Court found that Hungary was not entitled to suspend and subsequently abandon, in 1989, its part of the works in the dam project, as laid down in the treaty signed in 1977 by Hungary and Czechoslovakia and related instruments; it also found that Czechoslovakia was entitled to start, in November 1991, preparation of an alternative provisional solution (called “Variant C”), but not to put that solution into operation in October 1992 as a unilateral measure; that Hungary’s notification of termination of the 1977 Treaty and related instruments on 19 May 1992 did not legally terminate them (and that they are consequently still in force and govern the relationship between the Parties); and that Slovakia, as successor to Czechoslovakia became a party to the Treaty of 1977.

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