Hard coal – Coal that has a high degree ofcoalification with a gross calorific value above 23,865KJ/kg (5,700 kcal/kg) on an ash-free but moist basis,and a mean random reflectance of vitrinite of at least. Slurries, middlings and other low-grade coalproducts, which cannot be classified according to thetype of coal from which they are obtained, areincluded under hard coal. There are two subcategoriesof hard coal: (i) coking coal and (ii) otherbituminous coal and anthracite (also known as steamcoal). Coking coal is a hard coal with a quality thatallows the production of coke suitable to support ablast furnace charge. Steam coal is coal used forsteam raising and space heating purposes andincludes all anthracite coals and bituminous coals notclassified as coking coal.

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