Historical note

Article 7, paragraph 2, of the compromis which established the French- Mexican Claims Commission required all claims presented to the Commission to be decided within two years from the date of its first meeting. The first term of the Commission expired without any claims being argued or decided, though there was a meeting to formulate the rules of procedure. A supplementary convention of March 12, 1927, provided for an additional term of nine months from the date of the first meeting of the Commission subsequent to the ratification of this Convention and also made provision for an extension of this term for an additional period of nine months, to be effected by a simple exchange of notes between the two Governments. The Commission duly met, a number of cases were argued, and three awards were rendered. The term expired on December 26, [928, and the exchange of notes necessary for a further extension of the term did not take place until April 17, 1929. Nevertheless, on March 5, 1929, the Presiding Commissioner and the French Commissioner rendered in Paris a decision (Decision No. 20 infra) reopening the proceedings in those cases which had previously been argued before the Commission. This order was made notwithstanding the absence of the Mexican Commissioner.

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