UNDP's Development Futures Series Briefs and Working Papers

UNDP’s Development Futures Series (DFS) is a series of papers penned by UNDP personnel from around the world sharing evidence and insights grounded in deep study, data and practice, while exploring new ideas, analysis and policy recommendations relevant for the future of development. The DFS aims to publish bottom-up and evidence-based knowledge aiming to reach and influence global, regional and country-level policy debates, with a focus on thought leadership, data and analytics on the top development issues of today — and tomorrow. The DFS publishes in two formats: Short Policy Briefs linking evidence to practical policy recommendations, and longer Working Papers presenting data analysis and in-depth research. UNDP’s DFS papers are especially valuable for policy makers, development practitioners, researchers, and specialized journalists.

ISSN (online): 30053307
Language: English
DOI: https://doi.org/10.18356/30053307

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