Asia-Pacific Sustainable Development Goals Progress Report

Asia-Pacific Sustainable Development Goals Progress Report (previously known as Asia-Pacific Sustainable Development Goals Indicator-Based Progress Report) analyses Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) trends as well as availability of data for monitoring the progress in Asia and the Pacific and its sub-regions. It identifies areas that need collective decisions for prioritizing acceleration or changing the trend with the main purpose to inform decisions at regional forums such as Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development (APFSD) and Asia-Pacific Commission. It also provides an effective communication tool that fosters inclusive regional consultations and effective engagement of the stakeholders including media and civil society. The analysis utilizes cross-nationally comparable data from ESCAP database for the global SDGs indicator framework and when necessary supplementary statistics available at the regional and sub-regional levels.

This series is the continuation of the Statistical Yearbook for Asia and the Pacific.

ISSN (online): 26181061
Frequency: Annual
Language: English
DOI: https://doi.org/10.18356/dcdda4db-en

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