The State of Commodity Dependence

The State of Commodity Dependence provides a bird’s eye view of commodity dependence in the world. It contains 189 individual country profiles, each comprising of 30 indicators under 4 subtitles — mechandise and commodity export dependence, commodity import dependence, key socio-economic indicators, and other structural indicators. As commodity dependence tends to negatively affect poverty alleviation and food security, a set of indicators is included to help monitor trends in these areas. For each individual country, 1995 is used as the historical reference year. Moreover, an in-depth analysis of commodity dependence in the 189 countries is presented at the beginning of the report with key messages.

ISSN (online): 2663712X
Frequency: Biennial
Language: English
DOI: https://doi.org/10.18356/00f000d8-en
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