7.1 The guidance provided in the preceding chapters arises from work launched as a reaction to the view held by the CES Bureau that in a globalized economy, national official statistics cannot be produced in isolation from the rest of the world. Statisticians need to be able to exchange data with statistical authorities of other countries, in some cases potentially in the same way as tax authorities already do. To get a complete and accurate picture of the MNE activities affecting national statistics, the global statistical system needs to act decisively and in coordination to tackle the obstacles of international data sharing for statistical purposes, and more importantly, build a more consistent and efficient international statistical system by reaping the benefits from shared data. Statisticians should reach out to MNEs to establish and maintain close partnerships to discuss benefits and facilitate data reuse in order to develop statistics that can offer new insights about national economies, global value chains, economic interlinkages and other policy-relevant phenomena in the global economy.

Sustainable Development Goals:
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