Cooperation for development

My credentials for contributing to this World Science Report are my involvement in the creation and in the direction of scientific institutions serving the needs of the developing countries over the last 30 years. I have always been convinced that science is a heritage of mankind and that, though the great developments of science have taken place in Europe and in the New World in these last centuries, there are no reasons why the poorer countries of the world should not contribute to its progress nor benefit from its fruits. In my undertakings, I have realized the importance of the values of partnership and of solidarity at all stages of my endeavours. Men of great talent - scientists, administrators, international servants, government officials and heads of state - have helped me in setting up several institutions in Trieste, the Italian city where I live most of the time, and in developing a world network of individuals and institutions who share our common ideal. In this article, I shall illustrate the value of partnership in the scientific enterprise as I have lived it.

Sustainable Development Goals:
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