Irregular migration

It is important to put any discussion on irregular migration into context. The over whelming majority of migration is fully authorized. Estimates, while not exact (as will be discussed below), suggest that only some 10–15 per cent of today’s 214 million international migrants are in an irregular situation. Most of these migrants enter legally but overstay the authorized stay. Moreover, as South–South migration is as significant as South–North migration, it is important not to fuel fear and negative perceptions of the North being overrun by poor migrants from the South, while of course not ignoring the vexingincidence of irregular migration today. One ofthe key questions requiring further exploration is how to get to the root of the phenomenon– most notably, underlying disparities in livelihood and safety opportunities. As indicated in the UNDP Human Development Report 2009, where a person is born is the single most significant determinant of human development outcomes.

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