Global investment trends

image of Global investment trends

Global FDI flows rose by 9 per cent in 2013 to $1.45 trillion, up from $1.33 trillion in 2012, despite some volatility in international investments caused by the shift in market expectations towards an earlier tapering of quantitative easing in the United States. FDI inflows increased in all major economic groupings - developed, developing, and transition economies. Although the share of developed economies in total global FDI flows remained low, it is expected to rise over the next three years to 52 per cent (see section B) (figure I.1). Global inward FDI stock rose by 9 per cent, reaching $25.5 trillion, reflecting the rise of FDI inflows and strong performance of the stock markets in many parts of the world. UNCTAD’s FDI analysis is largely based on data that exclude FDI in special purpose entities (SPEs) and offshore financial centres (box I.1).

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