Democracy in the South

Participation, the State and the People

image of Democracy in the South

Traditionally, studies on democracy have focused on the orthodox so-called Northern models of democratic governance, and within this framework, the extent to which Southern models are considered democratic. Democracy in the South is the first truly international collaboration that draws attention to the complex problems of democratic consolidation across the majority world. Nine case studies, three each from Africa, Latin America and Asia, shed light on the contemporary challenges faced by democratizing countries, mostly from the perspective of emerging theorists working in their home countries.



Consolidating democracy in the Philippines: Breaking monopolies of local power

Philippine local politics is an example of élite democracy. It is dominated by political families and clans, some of whom were active in politics as early as the turn of the twentieth century when the Americans first introduced elections in the Philippines. Throughout the history of Philippine democracy these political families have controlled local power by winning seats in the Philippine legislature and elective positions in local governments.


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