The League of Nations' Work on Social Issues

Visions, Endeavours and Experiments

image of The League of Nations' Work on Social Issues
This edited volume offers a fresh look into the history of the League of Nations. It uses the League of Nations' involvement in social issues as a unique prism for understanding the League's development, as well as the development of interwar international relations more generally. Off the beaten path of diplomatic history, this perspective allows the authors to trace less familiar actors and unexpected alliances. It enables contributors to reassess the League's impact on European societies, their colonial possessions, and non-European states. As such, it also marks a paradigm shift in the League's Eurocentric historiography toward one that acknowledges its global reach.



Regulated brothels in mandatory Syria and Lebanon: Between the traffic in women and the permanent mandate commissions

French authorities operated regulated brothels in the Levant since the beginning of the French Mandate in 1920. The League of Nations’ interest in traffiin women and children and in monitoring the mandates brought these brothels to its committees’ attention. Thischapter compares and contrasts the League of Nation’s handling of prostitution in the Levant by the Advisory Committee on Traffiin Women and Children and the Permanent Mandate Commission to reveal how complicit both were with French colonial rule, and at the same time how they enabled anti-colonial criticism to slip through the cracks. More generally, it questions how they tried to reconcile the League’s commitment to social issues with the lingering influenceof colonial powers.


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