World Investment Report 1992

Transnational Corporations as Engines of Growth

image of World Investment Report 1992

This timely study examines the role of TNCs as engines of international growth. Its analysis shows ample cause for optimism and it is hoped that the lessons learned from the analysis will assist in policy formulation and the design on technical assistance in an increasing number of countries and thereby help make the 1990s a decade of renewed economic development.



Transnational corporations, environmental quality and sustainable growth

Transnational corporations, in addition to affecting economic growth in host countries through the channels described in the four preceding chapters, also influence the quality of the physical environment, with implications for the long-run sustainability of growth. The relationships of TNCs, environmental quality and economic growth to each other are complex. The present chapter identifies the principal relationships, presents evidence on the environmental role of TNCs and outlines some policy implications.


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