International migration policies

Government views and priorities

image of International migration policies
This report provides an overview of Government views and policies on international migration for 196 countries, including all 193 Member States, and three non-member States of the United Nations. The report describes Government views and policy intentions related to immigration and emigration, and how these have evolved over time with changing international migration patterns.



Irregular migration, human trafficking and refugees

Irregular migration poses multiple challenges to countries of origin, transit and destination, as well as to migrants themselves. Migrants in irregular situation are particularly vulnerable to discrimination, exploitation and abuse. Such migrants are also in danger of being exploited by crime organizations involved in human trafficking and migrant smuggling—crimes that constitute a serious violation of the human rights of its victims. Refugees and asylum seekers, despite the protection granted by international law, also face many difficulties in their migratory process, especially as the process of obtaining refugee status has become increasingly complicated, and it is more and more difficult to find countries willing to receive refugees.


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