Mobility of Health Professionals to, from and within the European Union

image of Mobility of Health Professionals to, from and within the European Union

This publication is a shortened version of the summary report “Mobility of Health Professionals: Health systems, work conditions, patterns of health workers’ mobility and implication for policy makers”, which was published in March 2012, in Bonn, Germany, by a consortium led by Dr. Caren Weilandt at the Wissenschaftliches Institut der Ärzte Deutschlands (WIAD, Scientific Institute of the Medical Association of German Doctors). It provides an overview of the outcomes of the MoHProf project that aimed to gather more insights into the processes and effects of mobility of health professionals to, from and within the European Union (EU) and which was carried out under the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development of the EU.



Some notions about the European dimension

What conclusions can be drawn based on the MoHProf reports about the context of the EU in relation to health worker mobility? Does the data give any information about flows to and from the EU, and what can we say about flows within the EU, before and after the 2004 and subsequent 2007 enlargements? A second perspective relates to relevant regulations that aim to develop level playing fields within the EU.


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