Population and Development Report

Third Issue - International Migration and Development in the Arab Region: Challenges and Opportunities

image of Population and Development Report
The Report considers the trends and patterns of Arab migration; addresses international migration and its relevance to development in Arab countries by discussing the relationship between international migration and demographic changes, human development and migrant remittances and focuses on an analysis of the policies adopted by sending and receiving countries over various periods of time; in the past, present and future at the local, regional and international levels in the light of economic, social and political changes.



Executive summary

International migration is a steadily expanding international phenomenon of long standing, which impacts on global economies and the political and economic relations between sending and receiving countries. The development of the phenomenon is correlated with local, regional and international factors and therefore affected by diverse and complex variables and the major production stages in countries receiving and sending migrants. One of the most important indicators of the dynamism and complexity of international migration is perhaps the fact that it is directly, rapidly and instantly affected by the challenges of globalization at the Arab regional and international levels.


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