Forest Products Annual Market Review 2015-2016

image of Forest Products Annual Market Review 2015-2016

The Forest Products Annual Market Review 2015-2016 provides a comprehensive analysis of markets in the UNECE region and reports on the main market influences outside the UNECE region. It covers the range of products from the forest to the end-user: from roundwood and primary processed products to value-added and housing. Statistics-based chapters analyse the markets for wood raw materials, sawn softwood, sawn hardwood, wood-based panels, paper, paperboard and woodpulp. Other chapters analyse policies, pallets and wood packaging, and markets for wood energy. Underlying the analysis is a comprehensive collection of data. The Review highlights the role of sustainable forest products in international markets. Policies concerning forests and forest products are discussed, as well as the main drivers and trends. The Review also analyses the effects of the current economic situation on forest products markets.

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The use of forests to make wood-based products is in the midst of a paradigm shift. Environmental perspectives on harvesting trees from forests have often been moulded from bad examples, poor past practices, and deforestation occurring beyond the UNECE region. Forest harvesting and, by association, wood products have often been characterized as counter to environmental best practices, but this view is changing. In the UNECE region, forests have continued to expand and grow in volume, despite population growth and increasing demands on forests in the region. Moreover, the amenities provided by forests – such as scenery, carbon storage, clean air, wildlife habitat, watershed control and filtration, erosion protection and livelihoods (which are particularly crucial in rural areas) – are now integral parts of forest management. The majority of wood-based products sold in the UNECE region come from forests that are strictly regulated by governments to ensure their sustainability or which have independent certification confirming that the forests in which they are harvested are managed sustainably.

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