World Population Prospects 2017 - Volume II: Demographic Profiles

image of World Population Prospects 2017 - Volume II: Demographic Profiles

The United Nations population estimates and projections form a comprehensive set of demographic data to assess population trends at the global, regional and national levels. The 2017 Revision of World Population Prospects represents the latest global set of demographic estimates and projections prepared by the Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat. It constitutes the twenty-fifth round of global population estimates and projections produced by the Population Division since 1951. This volume of the 2017 Revision presents the demographic profiles of the official United Nations population estimates and projections. The demographic profiles display key demographic indicators for selected periods or dates between 1950-2100, for the world, development groups, regions, subregions and countries or areas with more than 90,000 inhabitants in 2017. In all tables and figures, values for 1950-2015 are estimates and those thereafter are projections (medium variant). For each country or area, the volume also provides a brief description of the data sources and demographic methods that were used to derive the base-year estimates.

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