World Population Prospects 2022

Summary of Results

image of World Population Prospects 2022


The next edition of the World Population Prospects will be the twenty-seventh set of global population estimates and projections published by the United Nations. It will provide comprehensive and consistent data for all countries and areas, describing levels and trends in population size by age and sex and in the three components of population change (fertility, mortality and international migration) at the national, regional and global levels. The new data will incorporate the first results from the 2020 round of population and censuses (those conducted by early 2020) and the most recent data available on births, deaths and international migration coming from surveys and registration systems worldwide. The report will summarize key population trends based on the World Population Prospects 2022 data set, focusing on the period from 1950 to 2050 while also discussing the long-term implications of global population trends during the second half of the current century.

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Related Subject(s): Population and Demography


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